“SleevePal-thanks for the sleeves-they look great and are so useful! They’ll be great for gifts! Love them!”
-Amanda Elliot

“I received my product from SleevePal. Not only did it come quickly, it is a perfect addition to the gift cards I will be giving out as graduation presents this time of year.  Thanks JoAnn for making such a high quality product.”
-Joy Geisler Grant

“Love the SleevePal! I was hesitant at first to order, thinking it was perhaps a “woman’s” product. But it turns out they come in colors and patterns that are appealing to men as well. Now I can instantly see what balances are left on my gift cards.”
-Keith Jacobs

“@SleevePal.. I love your gift card holders! They are so useful to keep track of my $ and the colors are great!”
-The Fashion Poet, Voted #1 Miami fashion blog

“…SleevePal allows me to keep track of the balances on my gift cards. I no longer have to find a sharpie to write on the actual cards. Now I just grab a pen at the register and write down whatever balance the receipt says is left. This is also a brilliant idea as a gift whenever you give somebody a gift card. I love the awesome selection of designs. The Zebra print is my favorite; but for a classier look, the Linen with colored foil sleeves are quite pretty!”…
-AskAwayBlog.com 8/12/15 reviews

“I love all my SleevePals and how organize they keep my gift cards. I never have to waste time making those phone calls to find out how much money is left on them, Hallelujah!! Thanks SleevePal®
-Aurea McGarry ~ Emmy Winning TV Show Host and Founder of the Live Your Legacy Summits

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