SleevePal® Delivers Peace of Mind for Gift Card Users and Retailers

-Many gift and debit cards go unused, largely due to “unknown balance dilemma”. Last year, predictions of almost $1 billion dollars in unused gift cards-significant loss to both consumers and retailers.

Aug. 14, 2015 – PRLog — Many people get prepaid transaction cards either as a direct purchase, or as a present. Yet, large numbers of these gift and debit cards do not get used up. Almost 20% go unredeemed.

There are some reasons for this:

  1. People can’t remember what the balance is on the card…and/or
  2. People have lost or misplaced the little, white cash register receipt that contained the date and balance information.

Due to inconvenience, lack of time in their busy lives, or even out of sheer embarrassment, many people can’t or won’t contact the retailer to find out this information. Thus, consumers are missing out by not redeeming their gift cards, and retailers are losing revenue and any potential future revenue. About 72% are inclined to further purchase beyond their balances.

The SleevePal® enables the card holder, with just the glance of an eye, to have easy and quick access to all pertinent information (name of retailer, dates of transactions and remaining balances). This knowledge encourages usage of gift and debit cards and further confidence in purchasing future transaction cards.

The card sleeves are made out of sturdy, card stock that not only securely hold the cards, but offer no interference from the card’s embossed account numbers when writing on the balance log.

Many different card stocks, textures, patterns, foil and ink colors are available-making these card sleeves and holders esthetically pleasing and user friendly to all demographic groups.

Sleevepal® is trademarked, patented and patent pending. Check out their products at

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